Filling the diary and networking.

It’s February in less than an hour.  I am looking through my diary and trying to work out where else I can try to get booked in to try and fill my free weekends.  I completely forgot about one of the bookings this weekend which is odd of me, an indoor bootfair so I can try and sell a mixture of my handmade products and have a clear out as well.  I am using my time in between job hunting and the daytime routine to network and build my twitter audience through linking with craft boards and directories.  I am thinking about getting into Pinterest next and working on more things for the Etsy page.

The trick I’ve been ignoring is to keep on being productive and build not only an audience but also keeping myself busy.  Some of this admittedly is because I’m still struggling with the boredom of a lack of regular routine due to being unemployed and also because I’m still having issues controlling my depression issues at times which makes me sleep even more than I ought to and makes me procrastinate which is frustrating.  I am a hugely creative person and need regular outlets for my creativity to function effectively. I normally have one or two projects on the go, not only physical crafting such as my patchwork, jewellery making or loom knitting but also my creative writing projects which I’ve put on a backburner for too long and the creative thinking that doesn’t quite get itself onto paper.  I gave up on the idea of New Years Resolutions many years back, maybe now I need to make monthly resolutions/affirmations and review them as I go. I suppose I ought to start on the ones for this month,

1. Learn a new skill or technique and apply it practically.

2  Attempt to write at least 2000 words a week, on any subject, any genre and use it as a practical exercise to get back into writing.

3.  Share techniques by teaching them to others.

4. Network and make contact with people, build a contacts base.

5. Create what you love, don’t just go with the flow because it’s trendy to have x item in your work.


Gemstone pendant work.

So these are the gemstone pendant pieces I worked on just over a week ago. I presented them on a silver chain and gift boxed them. I have used more stones than pictured, but haven’t photographed them all. I’ve got them up for sale both on my Facebook page and my etsy store.

And now for some shameless plugging – I have an affiliate account with Make and Craft Magazine – If anyone wishes to buy a subscription, please use my link and I get a small percentage from it. They offer online subscriptions and paper. It’s a good magazine for crafters looking for new projects and techniques.

If it works I’m a genius…

I’m trying new methods and techniques all the time in my jewellery, some I struggle with because of my dyspraxic tendencies, others come easily and I end up with odd experimental pieces that I turn into something bigger eventually.  Today I’m playing around with diamond glaze after noticing my garnet pendant turned out so well and trying to make different gemstone pendants which I’m going to present on a silver chain and which will come gift boxed.  I also tried out making a ring from the ring blank I got from my last order from Jasmin Studio Crafts using the same method. They will take some time to dry so pictures will go up later in the week and hopefully on etsy etc at the same time.  So far I’ve got, garnet, aventurine, opalite, sodalite, amethyst, flourite and carnelian but I can get hold of other gemstone chips to order.

Jan 2013 New pieces.

Earrings £3.00 a pair. Green Agate bracelets £7.00 each Red Glass Bead bracelets £7.00 each. Garnet Pendant Necklace. £15.00 Apricot and Pink glass bead bracelets £7.00 each Snowflake Obsidian Charm Bracelets £7.00 each. Mixed gemstone bead bracelets. £7.00 each. Please email me at if you’d like to purchase any of these pieces.  Postage will … Continue reading

Go Fund Me – Crowdfunding to help purchase equipment.

Go Fund Me – Crowdfunding to help purchase equipment.

Part of the reason I’m setting this blog up and my business is to help give me a solid full time job and make a living out of it. It costs a fair lot of money to do this, so I’m using as a means of raising money for expensive equipment for my expansion plans and get me on the road to more markets and craft fairs.

In return I’m offering discounts and free stuff to anyone who donates or invests in my business. Please give your support.

Thank you.

My 2013 patchwork quilt.


Finished the second panel for my first patchwork project of the year which will end up as a massive quilt eventually. I’m hand stitching each 5 x 5 panel backing it with wadding and putting a matching panel on the back. I figure that doing a panel at a time is going to be less fiddly in the long run and i’m intending to use ribbon or binding once i put the final piece together.

New beads for pieces.



Today I went shopping for more supplies and happened on a bead loom to try out. I am going to spend the next few days experimenting with my new toys and hopefully get some finished pieces up.

My new home on wordpress.


New Year, new start right?

I don’t do resolutions very often but I’m aiming for 2013 to be the year Pett’s Originals launches as a full time job for me and get known to a wider audience. I want to do more projects with an array of different craft skills, work on projects with other friends and family who have the creative bug too and get to more craft fairs and events over the course of the year as well as developing my online presence which is why I’m hitting WordPress after the botch that was setting up a website earlier in 2012.

I want to get to December 2013 and say, this is me, this is what i do, and more importantly that I’ve been able to share my crafty bits and pieces with the world and make some money. So I suppose I ought to explain where this all comes from,

I started initially jewellery making in May 2012 because I had a stressful job which eventually I left due to ill health and burn out and I caught the crafty bug from there. I started making stuff for friends and family and then decided to try doing some craft fairs in August to get out of the house and start getting over my anxiety and depression issues. Craft fairs and events though are hit and miss especially when you’re setting out and trying to build a reputation. I don’t think I made more than the table money on the first lot but they became a valuable way of meeting people and getting out there. I’ve found crafting is a hit and miss medium. Some crafts are more popular than others, jewellery is one of them so I strive to make stuff that is different and uniquely me. I’ve been to events that have been 70% jewellery stalls and I haven’t had a look in in terms of sales. Other places I’ve been the only one there and made an impression. I’ve stayed away from card making the other saturated market in crafting and have started on wool crafts such as loom knitted pieces and crochet and my newest interest, patchwork.

I want to try more craft methods as I progress through this year, learning how to knit chainmail, create wire work pieces on jigs and crochet wire are just some of the things I want to get into in the early part of this year. I have all these ideas and typically three or four projects on the go at any one time.

I want to be able to afford more equipment and reach a wider audience, I’m trying to use crowd funding to help with obtaining bigger equipment and getting myself on the road as I’m currently one girl with a wheely suitcase who goes everywhere by public transport. Other things on my wishlist include an embroidery sewing machine which i can use in conjunction with design software not only to personalise items but also to create unique patterns especially handy for patchwork, more display pieces and the potential to get a regular market stall as well as putting money into funding costs for events. As I’m entirely self taught I’m also considering getting on a silver smithing course to learn new skills from experienced jewellers. I already make my own chain from 3mm jump rings but the idea of shaping metal and using a wider range of tools inspires me. If anyone can help the site is,

So I’ll sign off for now, I’ll be putting up galleries and updating this site at the very least weekly, but more likely every other day. Please share this with friends, email me if you’d like anything made and help me achieve my aim for 2013.